2003 February, 23
"The Stars of
Sava-centre, Belgrade

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February, 23 after a long-term break soloists of the Petersburg ballet gave a concert in Belgrade.

Performances of actors of the Petersburg ballet in Belgrade were devoted to a 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg. Soloists of Mariinskiy and Mussorgskiy theatre have presented the Belgrad public fragments from classical ballet repertoir. One of the largest auditoriums of Europe and the most well-known on the Balkan - the Sava - centre designed more than on 3,5 thousand of spectator places, was overflown.

It is necessary to note, that last time went on tour Russian ballet in Belgrade even before war in Yugoslavia: the troupe of the Bolshoy theatre here acted in 1997. Present performances have coincided with the next political changes on the Balkan. But arrival of actors northern capital became rather large event in life of the country. On performance all political and cultural beau monde of the Balkan has gathered: in particular, representatives of the Ministries for Foreign Affairs and cultures of Yugoslavia, a mayoralty of Belgrade, embassy of Russia." The art actors have created in the Sava - centre an atmosphere of city on Neva, with his nice cultural traditions. The masterly engineering they have adequately presented a hailstones Peter the Great, and their magnificent performance has given hope for revival of cultural communications", - write the Belgrad newspapers.

The cultural action in honour of a 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg is organized by the company " Art of Dance " and Dance Council of Serbia and Montenegro at support of UNESCO, the Ministry of culture of Russia, Embassy of the Russian Federation in Serbia and Montenegro, and also the Ministries for Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Montenegro.

Victor Baranov, Ilya Kuznetsov, Maya Dumchenko, Roman Mikhalev,
Oksana Koucheruk, Andrey Ivanov, Alexandra Iosifidi,
Tatiana Shanina, Alexey Shanin
Organizers Art of Dance
Dance Council of Serbia and Montenegro
Sava-Centre, Belgrade
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