Prof. Alkis Raftis
President of the CID-UNESCO


Dance - one of the most ancient arts. Language of dance is international.
It`s clear to everyone, because is not related to just one country, race, continent. There are no borders, no barriers for the dance. Various dancing styles and schools, and inexhaustible imagination of choreographers, technics and emotions of dancers develops an amazing mosaic of world dancing culture.

CID UNESCO - dancing committee of UNESCO - main goal is to open and keep as much as possible paints of the richest dancing palette for the spectator. Standing up for development of art of dance, we try to acquaint
with each other collectives from different countries. Only live communication can give a creative pulse. To move to the future, keeping a heritage of the past - is motto of UNESCO.

We are glad, that more and more people are sharing our aspirations. And it is especially pleasant for us, that among our adherents appear absolutely new collectives. One of them is company Art Of Dans from Saint Petersburg, Russia (The native land of well-known Russian ballet). Art of Dance has arisen at the end of 2002 and despite it exists only a year, there are already different successful international projects on its account. It is necessary to mention that they were the first to bring Russian ballet to Yugoslavia after a ten years' break. We hope, that in the future the company from St. Petersburg will participate in the activity of our committee as actively.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor of California


Dear Mr.Bomorez,

Thank you for contacting my office to offer your input and encouragement.

In the weeks and months ahead, I will be working to implement the agenda... Making this happen will willingness to do things differently. I will strive to build an Administration that reflects, and represents, the wonderful diversity that makes California the greatest State in the nation.

Working together we can Bring California Back.

I appreciate you taking the time to write.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Robert Duglas Moore
Professor, Impressario
In process

Kevin Ng
Ballet Critic


Dear Mr. Bomorez,

It was a pleasure to meet you during my recent trip to St. Petersburg, and I thank you for your kind hospitality. I am very impressed with your remarkable achievements in such a short time since you founded your company. You have assembled some of the finest stars from the Mariinsky
Ballet and Moussorgsky Ballet to show the audiences in other parts of the world, which is especially fitting in this past year which celebrates the 300th anniversary of the foundation of St. Petersburg.

I wish you every success in the coming year, and look forward to seeing for myself some of the galas which you will stage.

Best wishes,
Kevin Ng

Maritza Guelerino
Editor of "DANZA en espanol"
In process
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