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Art of Dance
  Dmitriy Korneev





The Times, July 26, 1988 / Back to peak performance by John Percival

...A word, finally, for Dmitry Korneyev, a versatile actor who lets goodness and strength of character shine through a downtrodden timidity as Hans, Giselle's neglected true lover.


New York Post, June 27, 1992 / Needs doom to grow by Clive Barnes

Many of the "minor" characters - a nondescript Paris for instance, or Lady Capulet and the Nurse - now seem lost against the dance fabric, even Maximiliano Guerra, an Argentine guest artist, made little of Mercutio (where was the Serge Koren of yestervear?), and really only a vivid Dmitry Korneyev as the psychopathic Tybalt (looking oddly like the role's creator, Alexei Yermolayev) stood out in dramatic highlight.


NY Newsday, June 27, 1992 / Beauty and Death from the Kirov by Janice Berman

...In the Kirov`s performance, the buoyant Massimilliano Guerra expired with just the right mixture of gallantry and pathos. Dmitriy Korneev`s Tybalt was terrifically malevolent, embodying a certain heavy-metal insolence...


The New York Times, June 24, 1995 / Ballet review by Anna Kisselgoff

...Here is the Kirov at its best. In the same way, the character dances that fill up the ballroom scene are rendered with welcome freshness and vigor, with a notably grand manner visible in the Mazurka's erans: Dmitiriy Korneyev and Gennadi Babanin...

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