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Art of Dance
  Dmitriy Korneev




Was born on March 19, 1963 in St. Petersburg

In 1971 entered A.Vaganova Academy of the Russian Ballet and graduated in 1981 under Seljutskiy. Joined the Kirov (Mariinsky) Theatre in 1981 and became soloist in 1992.

Principal Dancer of Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia


1997 - 2001 The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet / Ballet tutor

1999 - 2002 The Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administratior The Small Business Centre / International Business Managers


Aly Batyr, “Shurale”
Visir, “Legend of Love”
Abderahman, “Raymonda” (by Sergeev)
Panaderos, “Raymonda” (by Sergeev)
Abderahmen,“Raymonda” (by Grigorovich)
Severian, “Stoun Flower”
Tebald, “Romeo and Juliet”
Goya / the War– “Goya”
Ivan Tsarevich, “Firebird”
Mayakovsky, “The Bedbug”
Blindman / Revolution, “Mayakovsky”
Rothbart / Spanish Dance, “Swan Lake”
Gans / Prince, “Giselle”
Espada / Gipsy Dance, “Don Quixote”
Birbanto, “Le Corsaire”

Girei, “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai”
Indian Dance / Grate Bramin, “La Bayadere”
Gurn, “Les Sylphides”
Ismail – “Gayane”
Dance with Drum, “Asiyat”
Admiral, “Petrushka” (by Vinogradov)
Yang men, “Maskarade” (by Bosov)
Палач – “Проба” (Ш. Патефи)
Solo Mazurka, “Cinderella” (by Sergeev)
Frend, “Spartacus” (by Yakobson)
Moor, "Petrushka" (by Fokin)
Monsieur G.M. / Gaoler – "Manon"
Aurora's fiances, "The Sleeping Beauty" (by Sergeev)
Shakhriar, "Sheherazade"
Herr Shtolbaum, "The Nutcracker" (by Shemiakin)


Organized the touring performances as an impresario:

1996 - Republic of South Africa
1998 - Beijing, Peoples Republic of China
1997 - 1999 - USA
2002 - Finland

  • Performences manager
  • Ballet tour organizator
  • Ballet Class Teacher
  • Ballet Coach
  • Ballet Master
  • Director of Ballet Company
  • Company Director
  • Company Director Assistant
  • Artistic Director
  • Manager of Ballet Production

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