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Member of the CID-UNESCO
organize performances of Stars of the Russian ballet
Ulyana Lopatkina, Diana Vishneva, Farukh Ruzimatov, Yulia Makhalina, Victor Baranov, Zhanna Ayupova, Ilya Kuznetsov, Maya Dumchenko, Andrey Ivanov, Roman Mikhalev, Oksana Kucheruk...

NEW SFORZO Benefit performance of star of Mariinsky Theatre Ilya KuznetsovNEW
Victor Baranov

Victor Baranov - Honoured artist of Russia
Principal Dancer of the Mariinskiy Theatre,
the teacher - tutor

Elena Kotsyubira became the silver priser of the International Ballet Competition "Arabesque-2006"

Oksana Koucheruk (partner of Mikhalev)and Albert Galichanin (Eyfman`s ballet) became the winners of the Highest theatrical premium of St.-Petersburg "Golden Sofit" in the nomination "The Best Ballet Dancer" of 2004-2005 theatrical season

Roman Mikhalev is nominated for the Highest theatrical premium of St.-Petersburg "Golden Sofit" as the Best dancer of a season of 2004-2005

Elena Kotsyubira and Farukh Ruzimatov has great succss in Gizelle in Tokyo. Our Congratulations!

Roman Mikhalev became the winner of the Highest theatrical premium of St.-Petersburg "Golden Sofit" in the nomination "The Best Ballet Dancer" of 2003-2004 season for Raskolnikov in the ballet "The Petersburg dreams"

Appollo and Balanchine divertisment in "International Dance Festival". Belgrade, Serbia

Participation in a presidential concert in St.Petersburg. Uljana Lopatkina and pupils of Academy of Russian ballet of Vaganova took part in a concert.

"Boris Eyfman". New ballet video by Elena Kramskaya performed on our site

Article "Promocion a la rusa" in Danza en Espanol

We are presenting:Yulia Makhalina, Victor Baranov, Roman Geer and others stars in the first "Corfu Fest" (Greece)

Art of Dance - Member of the CID-UNESCO


Roman Mikhalev

Roman Mikhalev -
Principal Dancer of the Opera national du Bordeaux,
Laureat of International competitions,
Best ballet dancer of St.-Petersburg (2003-2004 Theatrical season)

Dmitriy Korneev
Dmitriy Korneev
Soloist of the Mariinskiy theatre, the teacher - tutor, ballet manager
Elena Kotsyubira

Elena Kotsyubira NEW Photo
Principal dancer of the Mussorgskiy (Maliy) Opera and Ballet Theatre,
Laureat of the International competition

Mikhail Fokin foto archive

Mikhail Fokin
Domestic photoarchive

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Ballet shoes and clothes

Oksana Koucheruk and Albert Galichanin the Best Ballet Dancers of St.Petersburg 2004-2005

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